Make the invisible, visible

Our Co-Founder & CDO has delivered some of the best featured presentations in various industry events, including the Global DIY Summit 2017

Why Zuckerberging Your Supply Chain Is A Good Thing

Or how to optimise through social tech.

How do retailers and supplies rate their collaboration?

Supply chain is the name but collaboration is the game. How does your collaboration rank against the industry average?

Boost your supplier performance

By having a shared view on supplier score cards.

Forecasting, now Collaborative

A new project to improve demand forecasting and replenishment processes of retail stores

One platform, One line of communication, One place to visualise and share all your data in real-time.

We bring a social network to the doorstep of your supply chain.

Just imagine having one platform running on one technology with one line of communication between your company and all your supply chain partners.

But it’s not all talk: once you’re connected, our software enables you to visualise and share all your data in real time. 

Inbound Monitor Dashboard

Community Driven


Real-time Visibility


Eco bonus points

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