The Social Layer

Connect everyone
in your Supply Chain
to the right people
and the right information


Made easy thanks
to our proprietary
authentication and
authorization system,
designed for supply chains


of your inbound
with our collaborative
and ALL IN ONE plugin,
The Streamliner


Track your supply chain
performance in real time.
Share & discuss it
with your suppliers


Share Sales, Inventory,
and Forecasting data
with different teams
and with your suppliers

Coming Soon

Get the information to people,
when and where they need it,
by using our Outlook plugin


We make software that allows you to improve collaboration within your organisation and with all your supply chain partners.

We turn your data into actionable and relevant visualisations and enable you to easily share and discuss them with others, both within and across your company.

We help you to empower your employees to make better and faster decisions, by putting all the information they need at their fingertips.


Community Driven


Real-time Visibility


Eco bonus points

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